Clyde Beatty Jr. 10’0″ Ring Master


10’0″ 23 1/4″ x 3 1/4″
2+1 Fin Set – Fins Included
Pu- Gloss and Polish



The Clyde Beatty Ringmaster is a very good all-around board for everyone from the beginner to an advanced rider. These boards have great paddle power to help you get into any wave. Take a step back on the board and draw a nice line down the wave. The Ringmaster is a smooth gliding longboard that carries its speed through the wave giving you the best fluid surfing. Clyde has been making this model for 15 years and it is our top selling surfboard. Works well in all sizes of surf.
Sizes: 8’0 to 10’0” +
Width: Varies with size
Thickness: Varies with size
Bottom Contour: Flow through nose concave to soft tail V
Tail: Square
Fin: 2 + 1, fins included
Finish: High gloss and polish
Fiberglass: 6/6 deck, 6oz bottom with deck & tail patches


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